How to Buy Customers

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The Power of Free Customers
How to buy customers» is a question we never ask ourselves.

Many times when starting a business, we start in the wrong way, we can’t be blamed, that’s how we learned, and bad habits are not easy to overcome.

For example, a very common and bad practice is that we «invent» a solution and then go out to look for the problem, does this situation sound familiar to you?

Another example, to start a business, we raise all kinds of resources, technology, human talents, design and image, even furniture, we buy everything, but never, for no reason, do we ever think to «buy customers», of course because our brain says: if we set up this whole story, it’s so that customers come to us and obviously, so they will pay us.

All above is fine, but that’s not the thing, we must BUY CUSTOMERS, that’s the whole truth!

We need to be known in the first place, otherwise we will never be able to sell.

How to Buy Customers?

If we have created a product or service, it is to serve someone, either an individual or a company, but we did it to overcome challenges, so the equation is rather simple: let’s look for those people or companies for whom we have created a solution and give them the best version of our offer and for free, yes for free!

Not clear? I’ll explain with a graphic example.

In my country, when you go to a steakhouse, from the entrance without them asking anything, they give you a portion (it is called the famous «sample») that is not only generous but delicious, in fact it is the richest on the entire menu, and they give it to you completely for free, there is no doubt that once you try it, your brain confirms that that’s where you want to be and that’s what you want to receive.

The same should happen with our offers, they must be the most generous and the most «exquisite», it should be almost irresistible for a customer to say yes.

Think about this, you must leave the feeling in your customer (that taste in the mouth) that he or she wonders, «if that’s the free sample, how will the paid version be?»

If you were able to do this for him without asking for anything in return, what will be the result when he pays you to be playing on his team, at that moment you will be filled with pride and say, «I have an irresistible offer».

Surely you will wonder how you can land this concept in reality, it’s something relatively easy.

Instructions to buy clients:

Approach only 10 ideal customers and give them your offer, just like that, I know it’s not comfortable for your brain, but that’s what the concept of Buying Customers is all about.

Give them the best version of your offer and learn from the process, from the moment you had the idea and started, you always wanted customers, now you will look for them, but you will also learn how your launch is in reality, you will discover what was in your imagination and what reality will validate.

The Power of Free Customers

Those 10 free customers have incredible power. If you’re a total success, they will talk about you with at least 40 people, who in turn will let others know about that experience to another 30, and they will at least tell 20 more. In total, you will have had a direct and indirect impact of 100 people, who will be your first ambassadors.

You will have bought 10 customers, of which 50% will become paying customers in the medium term, and the others will be your Trojan horses, spreading your good name in the field.

Does this make sense to you?

Are you willing to buy customers, or do you prefer to wait to become famous and millionaire just because you have a nice offer?

Life is not about good intentions, but about results!

You can keep reading all the tips I tailored for you in this blog.

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